Taking Stock | Vol. I

October 22, 2015

Free birds

Making: a mental list of what H&M beauty products should I try next.
Cooking: well not cooking, but boiling eggs for din-din.
Drinking: my first water intake of the day (sue me)
Reading: my Time in the Philippines page to see if I forgot to include anything.
Wanting: to watch American Horror Story: Hotel, but I’m still not finding the will to start it. I got the epsiodes DVRed though… guess I’ll just catch up.
Looking: for the perfect black parka. But I think I found the one! It’s by DKNY
Playing: hide the hair tie with my dog.
Wasting: time lying down doing nothing. It’s nice to get a downtime.
Wishing: for a cooperative head of hair.
Enjoying: this time in Michigan… Autumn makes me love the mitten.
Waiting: for Chicken and Pork Adobo to be ready.
Liking: One Direction’s new song, Perfect.
Wondering: if I will have the Friday off. Hmm.
Loving: my new blog page. I cannot stress enough how in love I am with it. I love how it’s motivating me to actually squeeze some creative juice outta me. I’m inspired again and I’m loving it!
Hoping: for a good night’s sleep tonight!
Marveling: at how amazing my family is. I just can’t say it enough… I’m a very lucky gal.
Needing: new people in my life. That would be awesome!
Smelling: the Chicken and Pork Adobo that my mom’s preparing for us.
Wearing: my Love is Love: Don’t Hide Your Pride shirt and my favorite yoga pants.
Following: the news on Beyonce’s red carpet brouhaha (I’m shallow haha)
Noticing: my hair getting longer!
Knowing: that it’s payday tomorrow for sure.
Thinking: about getting more films for my instax camera.
Feeling: super loved.
Bookmarking: H&M’s lifestyle website. It’s a must click!
Opening: another Hershey’s Kisses
Giggling: with my momma about how cute Wolfgang looks when he’s desperate.
Feeling: Happy because Fall.

(Inspired by: meetmeatmikes)

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