Taking Stock | Vol. IV

January 6, 2016

Making : more like writing a blog post!
Reading : texts from P
Wanting : a nice sunny day.
Enjoying : this venting sesh I’m currently having with P. Much needed.
Listening : to channel 4’s silly commercials on tax.
Liking : that it’s almost tax season.
Loving : that I get to sleep in because I close tomorrow!
Bookmarking: What’s in my purse tags on YouTube. They’re so fun to watch! thinking of doing one soon, but in a blogpost form.
Watching : News.
Needing : a wine glass. I think I’m done being a hipster, drinking my wine off of my jelly jars hahaha
Smelling : my perfume that I put on this morning. It’s nighttime already.
Wearing : my hair in a braid.
Thinking : about how my feet are still cold under all these layers of socks and slippers.
Feeling : better after sharing my frustrations about today.

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