The Future Scares Me… NOT.

July 10, 2013

Some people are so scared of the billows they call “the future.“ I get that. I understand that, I’ve felt that. Although, it kind of doesn’t make any sense to feel such because I’m only 23 years old, too young, and still a work in progress. I just know that I started getting scared when I left the teenage, young adolescent bracket. In life there’s such a thing the called 20s when you start to think that you know everything there is to know in the world, but really, we’re still figuring things out… no different than trying to figure out how build a Lego house. And you start to be worrisome.

I remember being 20, freaking out and feeling really worried about my future. I found myself contemplating, pondering, asking… “am I ever gonna get married? ” “what am I gonna do after I graduate?“ “what field of Psychology should I go for?” “Oh my gosh, so many options, so little time,“ “I wanna be able to achieve everything I want when I’m 30…” “where do I start though?“ It has been going on and on in my head ever since I started to touch on that “future” subject.

Today, though; I had a realization. That there isn’t anything I should be frightened of, except letting the most important moments pass me by. I realized that I cannot afford to overlook things for I don’t wanna miss even a single iota of blocks that I’m building my future with. The future is just a concept… it changes day by day based on the choices you make in the here and now. At least that’s what I believe in.

Looking back, three years ago, numerous changes in my life have taken place. Well, first I got (three years) older, my great grandma’s first class trip to heaven, I met my best friend Chris, my first big heartbreak, HS friends and I growing apart, my style and wardrobe choices have definitely changed, my taste in music (sorta-kinda), my big ups and downs at Oakland University, my job at Lord & Taylor, being Employee of the Year, meeting the most amazing co-workers (and work moms) one could ever ask for and developing relationships with them outside of work… Good or bad, none of it seemed to have phased me. I’d like to believe that. Because I’m still the same old me. The goofball, care-free, laugh box and silly billy from the get-go. I strongly believe that no matter what’s put in front of me, I will always land with both of my feet on the ground (in my choice of snazzy shoes) safe and sound.

I take pride in being resilient. I don’t care wherever you put me. All I know is that as long as I’m breathing, as long as I don’t let the bad side of the world conquer me, and as long as I stay true to who and what I really am, I know in my heart of hearts I’ll be just fine. Future can’t tell me nothing.

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