April 5, 2013

The I refuse to “look sick” look. 

  • I showered finally after two days of refusing to [I know, yuck].
  • I also washed my hair, but still no brushing. I rarely brush my hair.
  • Changed into something cute-sy. And threw my beggar-inspired sick clothes.
  • Filled-in my brows and curled my lashes so I don’t look like a meth addict.
  • Dabbed a litte blush on my cheeks and concealed my dark circles.

What can I say you guys, getting cleaned-up and dolled-up took me out of my funk. Also, good music. Thanks, Smashing Pumpkins and Amy Winehouse for ruling my background noise. Now, I’m just waiting for my brother to come home with my pancakes. I hope.

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