The Uber chronicles

April 12, 2016

I use Uber about once or twice a week, depending where life demands. And once or twice a week, I encounter a variety of characters. Uber’s pretty popular right now: it’s so convenient, it’s super high-tech, accurate and safe (for the most part!) While I am notoriously known to blindly trust people, I still do some precautionary stuff every time I get into a stranger’s moving vehicle. What are they? I won’t tell ya because well, that’ll defeat the purpose. My experiences have been safe and pleasant so far and haven’t encountered any bad apples. Most of my drivers were chatty and really warm, some are quiet and some are old. But! I feel like when it’s time for me to exit the car, I always have a piece of advice/ knowledge to take with me throughout the day. I can be pretty chatty with my drivers!

Like today, on my ride home from my dental appointment, my driver and I started chatting about how nice it is out and how horrible the last two days have been. It was pretty much a bitch fest re: Michigan weather. He compared Michigan’s weather temperament to that of a woman. Essentially, it (the weather) and us (the women of the world) are hard to predict. I have to say that I was a little bit taken aback by it, but I had to wait  for him to redeem himself before I get on the defense. “Yes, one day they love you, the next day they nitpick and hate you. But I need Michigan (he moved from DC) in my life, like how we all need a woman in our lives.” He continued. And then I paused… I do get what he’s saying… and he might know a thing or two about our biology (with him having a master’s degree in Biology… I know, we got to talking about school too. Sue me. I’m so talkative), but he doesn’t get how hard it is for us to explain sometimes why we have days when we just dislike everything. It’s truly not an intentional thing, but it’s just in our nature to basically worship the ground you walk on today, and hate the fact that you’re breathing the next day.

He also talked about how he dated this woman who has born in the Philippines and how they were together for five years until she pursued a master’s degree in law at NYU. He was really excited to talk about the Filipino food he loved… but when he brought up his former lover, I sensed a feeling of regret. He said they were like two peas in a pod before, but not until she got accepted at NYU and started having that New York state of mind. “She changed, and became this arrogant person that I never knew. Living in New York and going to an Ivy league school can really mess you up sometimes… you start to think that you’re too good, your time is too precious… That’s what happened to her.” He was a bit sad, but back-pedaled… “I’m seeing someone new now, but it’s just sad because you’d think she’d stay grounded because of her humble beginnings. But no.”  I couldn’t really think of a better response to him without sounding so cheesy, but I ended our conversation and our ride with, “well, even if it didn’t work out with her, know that where you are right now (and who you’re with) is right where you’re supposed to be.”

It was just nice to have a nice and sensible chat with a complete stranger and it’s fascinating how much you get to find out about people when they start opening their mouth. In his case, I learned that he values humility… and the importance of always remembering where you came from, no matter how far you think you’ve come.


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