Things I have learned over the weekend.

September 16, 2012
  • That Tennessee is a better place to live in than Michigan. My customer and I had a convo about how people in Tennessee are more warmer and friendly. When they ask you about how you day went, they really, really want to know. Unlike in other places, they only ask you about your day just to ask. Packing my bags and moving there sounds tempting right now. Also, according to her, the weather there is A+.
  • That it’s okay to admit to yourself that you need help. There’s nothing wrong with admitting weakness. Friday night, I think? I was having maj problems with my PSYCH 251 homework that I almost left the numbers blank. Thankfully, an epiphany came to me and led me to e-mail one of my prof’s TAs for questions. Maria responded to me with a ton of helpful info and I couldn’t be any more grateful.
  • That I am able to take things seriously. I’ve always been a care-free, I-don’t-really give-a-damn-about-the-results-I’ll-just-laugh-about-it-later person. Concentrating and putting in my 101% has always been an elusive option for me, coz I never had the tools. Right now, I’m convinced that I’m slowly growing up and I’m liking what I see.
  • More importantly, Math isn’t that bad at all. Huh.
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