Things that made me smile yesterday.

February 17, 2013
  • Momma Kim telling me that I am going to be a good wife someday. And that she already knows that I’m going to be a very patient and understanding lady, and not the type who would nag. :“)
  • Kay our new girl, telling me that I make her smile. Well, I’m glad that my dorky-ness never fails to shine.
  • Compliments on my hair. I love it when people notice. Let’s be real, we do most of the things we do to be noticed. To have an assurance that we still exist.
  • Customers just being a complete sweetheart and not giant assholes for a change.
  • The love, the love, the love I get on a daily basis from my co-workers. INSANE.
  • The cute guy inside the store with his daddy lol. I’m pretty sure we had the awkward-est conversation in the history of Awkward Sales Associate-Cute Guy Conversations. Sometimes I do not know how to carry myself.
  • Just about everything, I think, made me smile.
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