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October 9, 2012

Connor: is that my favorite Asian I hear?
Me: Oh, Hi My favorite white!
Connor: WOW, that is just beyond. Out of all the anglo saxons that you’ve seen, I am your favorite?
Me: Just kidding, my favorite white would have to be Leo Di Caprio.
Connor: Oh, mine is Ryan Reynolds. Like, fuck.
Me: Are you serious? You’re not being sarcastic?
Connor: Yes, I do think Ryan Reynolds is a handsome man. Seriously.
Me: Well I love him too. But, can I just say something? It’s totally refreshing to hear a straight guy admit that he finds his fellow man attractive sans saying “no homo” or any other touch of gay comment. It’s really cool! “up top!”
Connor: I’m just being honest.
Me: Yea, you deserve another high five for that. Okay, what about Bradley Cooper? My God that man is beautiful.
Connor: Yea, I wouldn’t mind waking up in the morning looking like him.

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