This week’s snaps.

April 28, 2016


This week we had our store-wide meeting. Lots of laughter, serious information and stacks and stacks of pizza and Antipasto salad may or may not be involved. Afterwards, I binge-watched Parts Unknown with my mother (which really did nothing but make us hungry as heck). And then on my day off! We had breakfast out at Bob Evans. Naturally, I ordered their Farmer’s breakfast (coz apparently, I could eat like a I mowed an entire field) with a side of Belgian Waffles. Inhaled all of my food and mom was like, “Di ka gutom, Way?” Hahah! Ran some errands and then I decided last minute to hit up mine and my mom’s go-to stylist at JCP to get my hair colored and ready for the summer. The only thing is, I regret refusing my colorist’s offer to dye my brows because now my brows look way too intense with my dark brown brow pomade. I refuse to toss my Too Faced bulletproof brows off to the side and purchase a new one (it’s expensive yo!). So, I decided to hit up Rite Aid and buy L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper (light to medium) to counterbalance my Too Faced brow product! While it does mimic the color of my hair, the downside of combining the two is that it’s more prep time for makeup (just when I have mastered a five-minute routine…) I know, the stuff I worry about, right? Hahaha!

I know it’s only Thursday, but with my weekend coming up, I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with this snapchat weekly post. So this is me practicing this new thing called, “time management.”

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