Thoughts on a sweltering Sunday.

June 12, 2016


It’s officially summertime here in Michigan. It’s hot, it’s bright, everyone is sweaty… it’s beautiful.

I’m writing this on a fine Sunday afternoon, accompanied by nothing but the noise of my ceiling fan and Angus & Julia Stone’s cover of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me. I’m here, home alone (well, Wolfgang will be offended because he’s here with me) not wanting to do anything else but to put my thoughts into words… I should be cleaning my room, but I’m here.Anyway, I digress.

Earlier this morning, I got woken up by CNN (I sleep with the TV on, for those of you who do not know. I know, I’m incredibly wasteful and impossibly scared of nighttime silence) and its barrage of reports regarding another gun-related violence in Orlando, Florida. The whole word hasn’t even recovered from the senseless death of Christina Grimmie and here we are again with another. Too many things about this world I’ve completely succumbed in trying to understand… for example, why some people chew like goats, why are there still myriad amounts of garbage in the ocean (given the technology and advances that we now have), why is Donald Trump still talking…  my greatest confusion though, is the accessibility of guns… how ridiculously easy it is and how so many people are crazy about their guns. I will never understand it. I hate it (guns itself) and people’s stance and obsession of it. It’s so heartbreakingly stupid and unnecessary for me to even write a little bit about it because it’s hopeless and it’s saddening to say that another gun-related violence and or a mass shooting is just another headline here in America, especially. Sure, people are mad and hurt about it, but is it ever going to stop? Highly doubt it. It’s sad. I don’t know… I’m so bewildered by it all.

Moving on…

I’ll be spending my warm and sunny day learning about make-up, eating yummy leftovers (we had a slab or rib and breaded shrimp for din din) with my loyal companion, and also (maybe in the near future) get started on cleaning ze room.

and maybe update this blog some more~

on a completely unrelated note,

have you noticed that I didn’t start my post with “I’m sorry I haven’t updated this blog in so long because of how busy I am?” after not posting for about a week or so? Maybe not.

maybe because I’m  out of excuses.

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