February 5, 2013
  • Woke up early
  • Had two slices of pizza and pop for breakfast. LOL I know, I’m killing myself.
  • But then I ordered me some Caramel Dolce latte at Starbucks tho. That counts as a good breakfast right? right?
  • School.
  • Pizza for lunch.
  • I can just live off of pizza you guise.
  • Went to work. Helped with the switcharoos.
  • And had fun while doing it with the people I love.
  • My throat is killing me right now. It’s super sore.
  • I already had a hot cup of water and a slice of lemon in it to help soothe it.
  • And then splatted some Vick’s around my throat area to seal the deal.
  • I’m hoping that it’s not anything serious. I don’t really feel like getting sick right now.
  • Cleaned up.
  • Supposed to be doing some studying, but with the way I’m feeling right now, I’m not sure it’s gonna happen. I have to rest and hit the bed early.
  • No school tomorrow! But, I have to work.
  • Excited for Wednesday! Me and Matthew are planning to see Legally Blonde: The Musical at The Varner Studio Theater!
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