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October 5, 2012
  • As per usual, busy as always. So busy I aint even got the time to paint my nails!! What kind of shit is that?! 
  • My body clock is a hot mess [again]
  • I opened 5 ICs in three hours at work two days ago. I got rewarded with some mad mula and the best part? The store manager was there to witness. 
  • Realized recently that I’m in a love-hate relationship with Rihanna. I love her style and her songs, but at the same time I hate her because she can’t sing her high notes live. I noticed that when she’s about to belt, she lets the crowd sing. I feel cheated every time. It’s like why do I even bother YouTube-ing you?!
  • I haven’t had a real social life since September started. I need it back please. 
  • Yesterday, Tim Hortons gave me the biggest letdown of all letdowns. I clearly ordered a regular coffee. And what did they give me? A f&!k%ng DECAF. That’s blasphemy in my book!
  • My brother and I almost got into an accident yesterday. Like, seriously you guys, I’m blogging and currently living my 899988839393000828287th life.
  • Just finished my two exams. Really interesting, those two were.
  • Oh, my new case for my iPhone finally arrived yesterday! I have to say, I am in love.
  • As per usual, I’ve been instagramming like a bawse.
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