January 5, 2013
  • First day of school today! BUT I didn’t show up. Not feeling well… so that’s that.
  • Had a cup of hot choco with a hint of coffee :p
  • Folded laundry and caught up on American Horror Story.
  • One question: Where has Sex and the City been all my life?! How did I live without watching it?! I just sat through a marathon of it on E! And it was the best three hours of my 2k13 life thus far.
  • Buffet with the family.
  • Was finally able to break in my Doc Martens! I’m feelin badass y’all. I have a feeling that 2k13 is gonna be a badass year para mi. I cannot even fathom the thought of going through new experiences throughout the year with my feet covered in these to die for babies.
  • Hoping to be able to take my mom out to see Les Mis tomorrow. She just has to freaking see it!!
  • Aaaand gotta psych myself up for a 5am inventory at work on Sunday. I know I’ll be okay because I’ll be working with my favorite team. [AGAIN, everyone is my favorite]
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