Weekend in bullet form.

February 4, 2013
  • Exam on Friday.
  • Slept [basically] all day on Saturday.
  • And then went out with Chris and Court-court for Chels’ bachelorette partay.
  • Went home at around 2:30
  • Officially went to bed at 5 am.
  • Got up at 10:40am. I must say, I slept like a baby.
  • Bonded with my older brother for a bit over scrambled eggs and hot chocolate.
  • Watched Victorious on Nick [who am I?]
  • And then Iron Man and then I fell asleep again.
  • Had a dream about him. It was a good dream. I kinda I wish I didn’t have it tho. My mind keeps playing tricks on me.
  • Brothers ordered a tower of pizza for the Super Bowl.
  • Half-amused right now. Coz naturally, all I cared about was Bey’s performance.
  • Got a new theme 🙂
  • School again tomorrow. I’m not ready yet.
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