Weekend, weekend… where do I start?

April 29, 2013
  • So the boys and I planned that on my weekend off, which was this weekend that’s passed, we will be catching Pain and Gain and get some drinks over at Bar Louie for some hang time.
  • So, that we did. I was pretty sure I was gonna be the only babe there, but my bro invited Sarah so he could introduce her to one of his single mates. Truth to tell, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about that because I’m always used to being the only girl of the bunch. Terrence was there, Daryl, Melvin, Jin, Drew, Drazen and Victor. Turns out, Sarah was theee bombest chick ever. She was so cool and not shy at all! She drank off of my Berry Mojito, drank off of Drew’s Coke rum and screwdriver, and had a bite of my brother’s burger. Now, if that doesn’t spell Duaney’s kindred spirit, then I don’t know what does. That gir was a rockstar! Naturally, we are planning to do another get togetha to go see Iron Man 3 right around next week.
  • The hang time was the best time ever. I didn’t think that I would be enjoying myself, but I really did! My older brother paid for my movie and Drew paid for my cocktail! I HAVE THE BEST BROTHERS EVA.
  • Pain and Gain was ridiculous. As what Sarah said, “I still can’t believe that it all happened in real life.”
  • And then today, Drew, Gian, Chris, Court-court along with her best friend Halie met up at Toby Keith’s for some drinks and some catch-up! Naturally we all had a grand time chatting the night away. Of course it’s Toby Keith’s so I had to order Deep-fried Oreos so….
  • Capping the night off with blogging and some tunes from Blind Pilot.
  • And here’s to working six days straight. Life is good! Fuckin’ killin’ it.
  • After my Saturday shift, I know I’m just gonna need a drink to seal the six-day streak. After that, it’s my one-week paid vacation from work!
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