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September 23, 2012

I’m so stoked because I can finally say that I have a ton of things to look forward to this coming dayz.

I haven’t really been 100% on track of my tumble log, so yea. Lately, I’ve been more welcoming towards people [who are trying to make their way into my life]. I always thought that I’m already good and content with just hanging out with my best friend Chris [when we’re both free] not knowing that I also have to get out there and experience other people’s company. I’m not saying that exclusively hanging out with my best friend is a situation I need to get out of, it’s more like me coming out of my shell. I was never interested with experimenting my compatibility with other people because I feel like I really have nothing to offer. I feel like the only one that gets me 100% is my best friend. I came to the realization that I have to venture out of my bubble in order to find out the truth… that I’m not misunderstood, that I’m not awkward and et cetera. I’ve shut so many people out that thinking about it now, made me realize that I am missing out on a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I love my best friend from the bottom of my bone marrow and he’ll always be my number one love. I just really want to know what else is there.

So, with that being said, Here’s what’s new.

I have two new contacts that I  added on my Cellphone’s phone book! Those two are from my PSYCH 251 class. They thought that it’s a good idea that we get together outside of class and study together for the coming tests. Now, that’s a giant step for me… because I never share my number with people I’m not entirely familiar with. OH, and study groups?! So not me! I row my boat alone! So, yea studying with my classmates? I don’t know what to expect! But I will be doing it in order for me to find out!

Next friday, Jeff, Ambrea and I are having a movie night. Jeff and Ambrea are my co-workers and I’ve never really hung out with them. I mean we’re cool and all, but never cool enough to hang outside of work. So I guess that’s gonna change come next Friday. The idea sparked when Ambrea and I were talking about not being able to stomach scary movies. Jeff being a suspense/thriller buff suggested that we have a movie night [at his house maybe] because he’s gonna show us a frightening movie from the 70s. I have a feeling that it’s The Exorcist or Poltergeist, but the latter was shown in the 80s so maybe it’s The Exorcist. I mean I’ve already seen it when I was really young so I already forgot how it went.

So yea, these are the things that are currently new to me. It feels like ordering something random from the menu ya know? I just hope that after the random ordering, I exit the restaurant with a smile and having a new favorite plate to order 🙂

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