Winter sem classes, my legs will thank you.

January 10, 2013

I have nothing but complaints [and acknowledgements] at the same time. Come Summer my legs are gonna be too toned for shurr. All the walking that I do on a daily [read: MWF] basis are definitely gonna pay off. I totally timed my walking distance. 

and here’s what I found out.


Also, take note that it’s currently winter and winds are blowing like crazy. Tell me how in the world do I still manage to sweat inside my peacoat?!! I sweat like a mofo! I don’t even sweat like that when I hit the gym! So yea, I speed walk my way to my last class every MWF. If I don’t I’m like gonna be 10 minutes late as opposed to being just 3-5 minutes late. If you know me, you’d know how much this kills me. I loathe anything and everything that has to do with fitness. But I guess, this is God’s way of shoving it down my throat. If I don’t go through the long walks on the beach [no, not really], then I wouldn’t get my dose of edu-ma-ca-shawn. That’s a good black mail tho.

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