You guise, I went clubbin for the first time in my life!

February 3, 2013

I told Chelsea that I must love her so much because I would never go to a bar to go clubbin and shit. It’s her bachelorette party and so, I decided, what the hell, carpe diem!

Chris, Court-court and I decided to carpool. We picked up Court-court and then we drove down to Royal Oak. But before any clubbin commenced, we stopped by Sonic and grabbed some grub. As per usual, hilarities ensued. Then we met up with the bride-to-be and the rest of her clique at BlackFinn. We chit-chat for a bit and had free wine c/o Chelsea’s bridesmaid. Then we rode the party bus with the rest of the clique. We had jello shots! All the women were all like, “oh my God! We have a guy on the bus!!!” And then Chris told them that he’s gay bla bla and then they said, “Oh! We thought you two were dating!!!” We get that a lot. We fool a lot of people.

Then we went to Woody’s. So many hot guys!! But, with Chris intact it was impossible for me to get a guy to mingle with. So me, Chris and Court-court and I danced the night away. We got to meet guys while getting our drinks, and a had a little chat for a bit. Court had Sex on the Beach and I had Shirley Temple [hahaha]. Hey, I don’t think drinking alcohol whilst clubbin is a good idea. Ain’t nobody gonna take advantage of me! Of course, I had my pepper spray, just in case. 

Then yea, we just danced. And guess who I saw in the middle of the dance floor? My professor’s assistant! LOL she even went out of her way to say hi to me. I didn’t know what to tell her, so I just gave her a high five! LOL awkward.

And then when we had to pay the parking fee, I had my debit card ready and all. However, the lady said “Cash only.” Naturally, all three of us didn’t carry cash. So we backed up, parked real quick and basically shook our purses, pockets, coats, wallets and searched Chris’ car for change. We came up with $4.78, we put it in a little gift bag and gave it to the lady. We told her we could only come up with $4.78 and explained that we didn’t want to take out any more cash on our cards. Anyways, she’s heard enough of bullshit so she just took it and opened the gate for us. It was hysterical! I’ve never been so glad to see pennies and shit!

And also, we took a bunch of pictures. I’ll upload them after this.

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