you know it’s deadly cold outside when my tap water is as cold as a glass of ice water.

January 21, 2013
  • Woke up at 11 am. BOSS. I finally got to sleep in after four days of  school and work in unison.
  • Made me a hearty breakfast and a mean cup of hot choco.
  • Cleaned up a little.
  • Folded laundry.
  • Debating if I should read my textbook or Sputnik Sweetheart?? Maybe I should do some text reading. GOTTA REMEMBER PRIORITIES.
  • Trying to wake my brother up through blasting David Bowie’s latest album on Spotify.
  • Chugging down the first of the many cold glasses of water I’m planning to consume. Because my body needs water after days of flushing food down with nothing but pop, coffee and the likes. #theleasticoulddo
  • Patiently waiting for my mommy.
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